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What is the Mission of the PPEC?

  • Create a new economy where you choose to participate according to rules
  • Allow anyone in the world to reach their dreams starting with nothing
  • Create access to food, water, energy and health normally controlled by governments
  • Eliminate a major cause of war by creating a shared world economy

What are the Program Goals?

  • Educate the public about circulation of money through eBooks
  • Educate the public how to use decentralized currency
  • Create the largest eCommerce mall based on circulation of coupons through eBooks
  • Create crowdfunding style projects without being crowdfunding
  • Provide an in depth report on early stage companies with public offerings via eBooks

Note:  We provide an in depth report through eBooks on early stage companies and point you to REG A-PLUS opportunities open to the general public.  These are SEC approved and registered.  You purchase ALL stock through a registered REG A-PLUS platform and purchase directly from the broker and not from our company.  The brokerage will be provided the email of those purchasing the specific eBook pertaining to the offering.

Why do you expect the system to be successful?

The Perfect Private Equity Co-op is the combined effort of over 47 years in the marketing industry and business experience by the author.  This is not a registered co-op by legal definition.  The author has been successful at many various industries and holds a Masters of Electrical Engineering.  He has built many software projects from complex gaming, virtual reality software, multiple marketing systems and the fastest drilling machine in the world for computer circuit boards.

The most recent program designed by the author took a company from a negative income to millions a month in less than eight months.  This program is based on the success of a previous program that has been immensely improved by removing what did not work and adding new key features.

Why does the website have such a simple design?

The site is designed to be small and quick for mobile users with limited data plans and internet access.  Possible Home Page Design – Warning, if you have limited cell phone bandwidth, this is a 500K image

Warning – You cannot advertise, market or make any claims. You may only use company provided material, eBooks, point to the Prefect Private Equity Coop website or point to the PPEC Mall.