Circulation of money is what gives it value.  As stated elsewhere, if I create a new coin and think it is worth one dollar and lock it in my safe, it only has value in my mind.  If I give you the coin and you wash my windows, we have established a value for the coin; BUT, only if you can trade that coin back to me and I will wash YOUR windows.

What do individuals put into an economy and what is circulated?  The answer is work.  Individuals relate their work based on what they are willing to pay in their time for the work of another individual.  As described above, your work (time) to wash windows is coded to the new coin created, and you both agree that one coin is worth one window washing of work.  This is provided you both agree on circulating the coin for the window washing.

If one person raises pigs, he might equate the work needed to how many pigs he would be willing to trade for say the work to build his house.  Obviously he will need a lot more pigs than one pig to get the neighbor to build his house.  The builder needs to know he can trade pigs worth his time for grain with a farmer or any other product the builder would need to “work” for to grow the crop.  This is a trade system.

The challenge with a trade system is it is inconvenient to trade a bunch of pigs for the house and all the other individuals you need work from.  Therefore currency systems were created.  The currency created is based on the agreement between the individuals trading the currency and they agree the “coin” is worth a certain amount of work.  The coin value between countries needs to be normalized because labor costs are different in different countries, based on how hard someone is willing to do work compared to how hard someone in a different country will work for the same job.

Unfortunately, governments get in the middle of the economies and that is a major difference why countries have a different value per coin issued, and the relative values change quickly.  If I print a bunch of new coins, then when you want to trade your coin for me to wash your window, I do not want your coin because I already have more.  This is what causes inflation when governments just print more coins without a consensus for the value (work).

With our program, we create value for our equity points because each point created is directly related to a “work” inflow from bitcoin.  That Equity Point value (work) to obtain is common to everyone.  In other words everyone is using the same value equating it to the same work.  When a new coin is created, it was created with the same relative work as others.  No one can “print Equity Points” without attached value.  Now if you learn to circulate the equity points, the entire network increases in value because of the productivity (work) telling others about the program, who then inject new work.  The circulation magnifies with the Equity Distribution Formula which constantly flows Equity Points (work) to the current producers wherever they are in the organization.

Why did we choose bitcoin?  Bitcoin is decentralized and cannot be inflated by a controlling agency.  This means, as time passes, the net worth in work of the network will increase as bitcoin should increase in value over time.  If it does not, we will switch to another type of decentralized coin or create our own.  The important point to note is it is not bitcoin, but the circulation and using bitcoin as a recognized token for the value of “work” put into making the new economy function.

As a side note, individuals take their “work” out of their “Equity Points” in the form of bitcoin, which they hopefully will use in the PPEC Mall, once again circulating their “work” in the form of coupons.

Please notice the First Phase is to teach you how to circulate and get used to the process.  The Second Phase is VERY important because you join a working circulation system by being in our mall.  We will use circulation of currency trying to reach the optimum condition where only coupons are used within the system.  All and new customers will add funds as they join the mall, and our coupons attached to a decentralized currency will establish common value.

Because bitcoin is not controlled by any government, no one can “take” the coins “work” from you. Most importantly, after prelaunch each person will have their own bitcoin wallets and ALL circulation will be direct from individual to individual and NOT flow through any company.  The exception will be Pool Equity Points but they flow into a pool and out of the pool quickly under the control of the software.  In fact as the program grows, the Pool may only last a few days before being flushed to the workers and started again.  The software actually holds the bitcoin key to the Pool and no one else.  The address and key will change with every pool under software control.

The exception during prelaunch is that instead of you circulating to each individual, you will send bitcoin to a common holding address that everyone will be able to monitor.  This account only increases and will not be drawn from.  After prelaunch the points will be distributed according to the Equity Distribution Formula and the common holding will be normalized and distributed to the PERSONAL wallets of those with Equity Points.  Once again the software holds the key to the prelaunch holding address and functions based on the rules of the Equity Distribution Formula.

Warning – If you do not have a wallet at the end of prelaunch, any funds which would be sent to your wallet will break to the PPEC.  Make sure you have a wallet registered with the PPEC.

What is the moral of the story?  Register under the individual who invited you and circulate Equity Points as soon as possible.  Get your bitcoin wallet and fund it with a minimum of $45.  If you think you are going to participate at a higher level then fund to about $500 so you can purchase all necessary eBooks.  If you use Uphold you can have your funds held in any currency waiting for the launch.  When we prelaunch your position will depend on ACTION including the date and time you register your wallet in our program and qualify your first floor for each phase.

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