We power our entire PPEC program by eBooks.  There is no advertising or marketing allowed other than the eBooks.  You are not allowed to create videos or other material.  You are especially not allowed to make claims.  Though this is a simple program starting at $40 retail, we expect to fund very large businesses within less than one year.  All you can do is give away your eBooks for advertising your business or PPEC Mall.

There is an eBook for each project but you must specifically purchase advertising in the Phase One and Two eBooks to participate in the PPEC projects.   The products of the PPEC are advertising links in eBooks which connect to the advertisers’ mall or other business.  The Sponsor links, including name and email, in the eBook or eBooks can be directed to any website chosen by the individual purchasing the advertising.  The bottom link in ALL eBooks, links to the individual who has coded his link to the mall.  There is NO COST for this link.

The first eBook is basically the PPEC Description for $40 retail / $30 Loyalty Customer.  The second eBook will be the Coupon/Trade system for $350 retail / $300 Loyalty Customer.  The third eBook is how the stock program works and will be $200 retail / $140 Loyalty Customer. Your effective net cost for all advertising, if you participate fully by using your Loyalty Coupons, will be $10, $100 and $100 respectively for the eBooks and deposit the 20, 200 and 40 Equity Points with associated bitcoin (work) in your own account to learn how circulation of money works.  The difference between a Retail and a Loyalty Customer depends on the actions taken by the customer and is paid in coupons.

Please understand that eBooks have been used for years to advertise affiliate links.  In fact the author has an eBook commonly used by MANY companies to give away in order to capture contact information. Virtually everyone pays $200 to code their link and some have paid as high as $5000 for one month in the past.  This eBook will be specially coded for all customers and included with the Second Phase Qualification.  Check out the eBook at SmallDreamsHaveNoMagic.com and click on branding to see how the current eBook is being used.

The first eBook in this group is only $40 retail / $30 Loyalty Customer and we teach you how circulation of currency creates wealth.  It is coded to you and is well worth $200 as demonstrated in other programs.  The second eBooks are $350 retail / $300 Loyalty Customer and will teach you how our coupon / trade program will work.  The third eBook and on will specifically cover a project that will be a REG A-PLUS stock offering and will sell for $200 retail / $140 Loyalty Customer.

One question asked is why there is such a difference in price for the eBooks.  Keep in mind the individual is not buying the eBook.  They are buying the advertising in the eBook.  The advertising must have value to the individual buying the ad as a customer only without expectation of joining the PPEC. Remember, the customer may be advertising their shoe store and giving the eBook away to get new customers to enter the store or an internet marketer may be giving the eBook away in exchange for the name and email of the prospective client.

The eBook advertising cost is based on the probability someone would want to READ the eBook without expectation of earning in the PPEC.  In other words it must have literary or information value.  The first phase eBook is about circulation of currency and how it makes the system work.  The Second Phase has two eBooks.  One eBook teaches all about a new highly competitive mall with coupons using the theory of the Phase One eBook AND the ability to join the mall to receive discounts in the mall or receive referral coupons to be used in the mall.  The second eBook in Phase Two is a well established eBook with literary value the customers want to read.  The Third Phase eBooks provide an in depth report on early stage companies on new products and technology, that will be available in the present or near future, as a public stock offering.

If you compare the value of the eBook readership to the value of the advertising, an individual offering the eBooks on a website to get them to provide their name and email, fully understands fewer individuals will want to know about a new economy with circulation of currency than will want an eBook saving them money in a mall or giving to their grandchildren to read.  Also the third phase eBooks will have more value, alerting individuals to new technology providing an in depth report on early stage companies ahead of the rest of the people, than an eBook on a new economy, but probably not as great a readership as the public looking for a new mall.  Pricing for the eBooks is based on years of experience with Branded eBooks, and what is the advertising value based on readership for those eBooks.

If you found this website by surfing, leave a contact in the General FAQ section and the author will attempt to contact you.  The program is designed for highly concentrated communication with a small number of people and not designed for mass marketing.  The author is very busy and will have limited time to personally coach you; however, everything is in the eBook.  Have the person who sent you here give you a link to the eCommerce Mall as soon as it is available.