It may not be fair, but the rich of the world get richer and the poor get poorer.

Why is this so?  Because they are leveraging the system.  They have a lot of cash, typically from hedge funds, and they can buy out little guys for nothing.  The little guy cannot compete.  In addition they are BORROWING YOUR MONEY.

Yes they are taking out HUGE loans against your money deposited in the bank.  The bank can loan many times the money on deposit.  That money on deposit is yours.  They then borrow and if things do not work out, they bankrupt (your money) and start over.  Governments and the elite are trying to get negative interest rates in place so they can take more of your money and give more to the hedge funds.

Look at this link to basements and see what they are doing with your money.

This program is designed to let the little guy play the big game.  We plan to pool hundreds of thousands of people together to give us the leverage.  Everyone will be able to participate in the profits based mainly on the work they bring to the program.  Effectively you voluntarily inject equity (work)  into the system (co-op) by advertising the system to help it get started and you circulate according to the Equity Distribution Formula to keep it running.  You are effectively participating in a new decentralized economy.

Keep in mind, we do not take your money or sell you stock.  All we do is let you voluntarily learn how to use circulation of money to create wealth by selling the eBooks and with coupons in the mall.  As you learn the skill of how to do this, you are rewarded Equity Points in circulation and coupons in the mall. From those Equity Points, you will be able to extract your “work” in the form of bitcoin.  You will be provided a first hand in depth report on early stage companies, by reading the eBooks (available to the public for purchase in the mall), giving you a head start to decide to purchase stocks “directly” from a licensed brokerage for the Public Offering

Get started today.