It has been proven by a previous program, that the circulation structure for the eBook program is incredible.  We anticipate 50,000 – 70,000 previous members to join in 30-90 days of the pre prelaunch which is planned for third week of March 2016 for free sign up.  Because our mall software (Magento)  just upgraded we will need to test integration and the free signup should start first week of April.

We are looking for staff that is capable of running billion dollar companies.  Many are on the list but we are open to anyone in virtually every field of finance, legal and mainly taking companies public.  We have a powerful close relationship with a full spectrum of legal, financial and political connections with a successful REG A-PLUS crowdfunding platform.

At the end of the first Phase Three project, the company plans on selling 30% of the PPEC Management Company through a REG A-PLUS platform public offering.   The company will maintain 70% for operations, profit and employees.  Individuals purchasing the eBook through the mall will provide an in depth report on early stage companies planing a public offering.

Once the 30% stocks are publicly open for sale through the REG A-PLUS offering, the Third Phase Project will be immediately terminated.  The company has established relationships with not only the funding platform but a serious social media marketing platform.  If done properly, the quick purchases of the public stock from an in depth report on early stage companies by the readers of the eBooks, should excite the public market helping us reach our funding goal.

Of course, in the future, new Phase Three projects should fund quickly by the large readership of the eBooks.  Hopefully, our PPEC customers will have Equity Points they can convert to bitcoin, giving them a head start in many new public company offerings.

The company also owns the HlyGrail escrow system, many eBooks, eBook technology and other technology which could be taken to market separately outside the mall but will available to customers.

This program is registered under the HlyGrail copyright / patent