PPEC Basics Short


  • Read the Perfect Private Equity Website
  • Register with the PPEC software and the PPEC Mall with the individual who invited you.
  • Get a bitcoin address and update your registration with the PPEC software on where your funds are to be delivered.
  • Join and market TheProject while waiting for Prelaunch.
  • Fund your bitcoin address and purchase advertising in your eBook from the PPEC Mall, even if any of the eBooks are on back order.  We recommend you place $35 to $500 in your wallet ASAP because it could take five days to get your wallet funded.  Everything is date and time sensitive on where you are in the Pair Tree.
  • Record your PPEC link and the PPEC Mall link and give them to everyone privately.  NO SPAM.  Use the eBooks as soon as available for your marketing.
  • Start to circulate Equity Points (work) through the PPEC software according to the Equity Distribution Formula as soon as possible while advertising the system.

The products of the PPEC are advertising links in eBooks which connect to the advertisers’ mall or other business.  The Sponsor links, including name and email, in the eBook or eBooks can be directed to any website chosen by the individual purchasing the advertising.  The bottom link in ALL eBooks, links to the individual who has coded his link to the mall.  There is NO COST for this link.

Read the long version of the PPEC Basics on what the difference is for each Phase.

Quick Steps

  • Register with the software using the link of the individual who invited you to the PPEC.
  • Immediately fund your wallet for your comfort level between $35 and $500.
  • During prelaunch, immediately purchase Circulating Currency, TheProject eBooks and then the Phase One eBook, Phase Two, and Phase Three eBooks when you can.

Placement is based on performance and date and time.  The faster you join and circulate Equity Points (work) and the more you invite who also circulate, the higher you will be in the Pair Tree at the end of prelaunch.

Absolutely guaranteed, the number one performer in each Phase will have at least 50% of all the contacts in the PPEC who step up at the end of prelaunch.  The number two performer in each Phase will have the same number or only one less contact who steps up than the number one contact in each Phase.  The entire Prelaunch will be compressed in each Phase to a nearly perfect Pair Tree.

If you invite the top individual and qualify all your floors, you could receive 50% of all the equity points they receive and 50% of all the equity points of the contacts they invite, not counting secondary equity points.

  • A perfect 7 Level Pair Tree is 256 contacts
  • A perfect 9 Level Pair Tree is 1,024 contacts
  • A perfect 14 Level Pair Tree is 32,768 contacts


There is a chart posted here which shows the mathematical “perfect” potential Equity Points for various situations:

Chart Phase One

Click Here to Check the Chart

Bottom Line

Join the PPEC fast and step up fast to get a date and time stamp ahead of others.  Join all three phases, invite as many as you can and teach them to step up.

Make sure you commit to the First Floor Equity Point Qualification on each phase.  If you do not, you cannot receive more than three first floor Equity Points Qualifications for each phase and everything else breaks to the PPEC.

Make sure you have your bitcoin wallet because, if one is not registered all Equity Points break to the PPEC and are lost forever.