PPEC Mall Structure

The PPEC Mall is a simple referral mall with coupons.

The coupons are always increasing in the mall as a general circulation of coupons simulating the circulation of money.  Effectively it is a mall currency used as barter with other individuals.  The coupons have no actual value except as agreed between parties what they are willing to trade.

The total mall coupon value (work) is currently based on the bitcoin as one satochi per coupon.  Technically, the mall is just recording who has control or ownership of the coupons.  The concept works like the theory in the First Phase eBook and further explained in the Second Phase eBook.

The PPEC Mall passes most PPEC eBook funds to the PPEC Management Company for operations and management. $100 from the Phase Two eBook is held by the mall for advertising the eBook and is used for Mall overhead such as buying power for the best prices for the Mall customers. Any profits from the PPEC eBooks are sent to the PPEC Management Company.

In addition the PPEC Mall manages their own profits of other products and services sold in the Mall as negotiated with the vendors product by product.  Mall Profits are distributed to stockholders.  Currently the PPEC Management Company will own 100% of all PPEC Mall stock.

The PPEC Mall is also tasked with interfacing with the PPEC software so that customers can be directed to the PPEC.  The Mall must work with the eBook Author for installing and managing the eBook software for automation (Branding) of the advertising links connecting the PPEC, PPEC Mall and other customer advertising.

The PPEC Mall will integrate their Reward Points coupons and customers in a way the referrals stay in tact when connecting to the PPEC.

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