PPEC Structure


The PPEC is a SOFTWARE program which runs on a Pier to Pier Network. Pier to Pier means NO one owns or controls the network; once running it is on its own indefinitely.  It is NOT a company and has NO income.  The sole purpose is to TRACK like a secretary the Equity Points according to the Equity Distribution Formula and connect the invited individuals in the PPEC.  Check out Ethereum for how the software works.

It will create a holding address for the prelaunch and for each future project.

At completion of each prelaunch, the PPEC will calculate all the position numbers based on performance according to the rules sent for each Pair Tree.   Each position will be placed in the corresponding Pair Tree then Equity Points will start to circulate according to the Equity Distribution Formula; however, all positions will be considered qualified provided the owner of the position circulated First Floor qualification .  If the individual did NOT circulate points for First Floor Qualification they cannot receive more than three First Floor Qualifications from each phase and all excess and secondaries will be forfeited.

As Equity Points are circulated each position will be automatically stepped up as far as possible.  Once all position have no further floors to step up, or they finished the Seventh Floor and have funds in their wallets, the software will then distribute the first Bonus Pool funded with the prelaunch circulation above.

Now a second Bonus Pool will be opened for circulation starting at zero. Equity Points from the Bonus Points will only step up the winner through Floor Three and credit the rest to their wallet.  Any circulation from the Bonus Pool winners will step up the receiver.  (If the receiver somehow creates a Primary or Secondary for the Bonus Pool winner, the winner will be stepped up as far as possible if any funds are in the wallet.)

The second Bonus Pool may have funds from the first Bonus Pool distribution but will not be distributed until the end of the second Pool which should be in a week or when reaching a specified number.  This pool will be after prelaunch.

At the end of each prelaunch, and all circulation has occurred, the PPEC software will distribute the bitcoin in the holding address to the wallets based on the normalized value of equity points in each wallet.  Warning – if the position does not have a valid bitcoin wallet, the Equity Points will break to the PPEC.

After prelaunch, the PPEC will position new invites according to the rules. Individuals will query the PPEC for the next step circulation and the software will calculate the bitcoin addresses and how much will be distributed to each.  It will return the addresses and total and present their bitcoin addresses to circulate.  The individual will press the Circulate Button.  The software will ask for the individual’s bitcoin key to start the transaction.  The software will distribute to the required Primary, Secondary and other addresses, such as the Bonus Pool, and watch those addresses until three confirmation on the bitcoin network.  When the PPEC software confirms the circulation, it will mark the individual’s account as qualified for that floor and step.

WARNING – There is NO auto step up outside the prelaunch of any phase or project except for Bonus Pool distribution.  Because individuals anyplace in the Pair Tree below you could receive a Bonus Pool share, and the PPEC will step them up immediately up through Floor Three, there is a major possibility of losing Equity Points because individuals are not qualified for Primary and Secondary Equity Points.

NOTICE – This software just runs.  There is NO support.  Do not call the PPEC Mall, the Management Company or anyone else if you have entered the wrong addresses, email or other information.  If you miss Equity Points because you were not qualified, find a friend and cry in your beer. If you LOSE your password to your bitcoin key or give away your password to your account, or anything that allows others either deliberately or accidentally access your accounts, please do not jump off a bridge, but there is NOTHING anyone can do.

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