This page will discuss the prelaunch phase of the PPEC.

It is recommended that you first read the Equity Distribution Formula and Circulation under the Equity tab in the top center of this website.  Do not forget the FAQ tab for the PPEC Structure post.

A Pair Tree is connected to the PPEC root.  The root will only have two connections.  No position in a Pair Tree will have more than two direct connections to Children or one to a Parent.

It is important to note, that NO ONE is placed in a Pair Tree in ANY phase project, until they share the First Generation Equity Point Qualification for each Phase.  It is highly probable, in fact almost guaranteed, that your position in each phase or project will be different based on performance per phase.

During prelaunch, individuals will gain points and the most points will determine their priority in the Pair Tree.  You can earn two bonus points by circulating your First Generation Equity Point Qualification for Phase Two, and five more bonus points by circulating your First Generation Equity Point Qualification for Phase Three.  You earn one point in Phase One for each TWO personally invited Children with FOUR second generation Grandchildren total invited by your personal invited, who all establish their First Generation Equity Point Qualification for Phase One.  You earn one point in Phase Two for each TWO personally invited Children with FOUR second Generation grandchildren total invited by your personal invited, who all establish their First Generation Equity Point Qualification for Phase Two.  You earn one point in Phase Three for each TWO personally invited Children with FOUR second generation Grandchildren total invited by your personal invited, who all establish their First Generation Equity Point Qualification for Phase Three.

NOTICE — All Phase Three projects after the first project will have different performance requirements for placement determined just before the project opens.  As example, we might use your initial date of entry in the original Phase One, so sign up fast.  If you were the first to sign, you could be on the top of the Pair Tree right under the PPEC root position possibly in the second third phase project, so sign up fast!

After initial placement from points in the Pair Tree, placement will be based on sharing the First Generation Equity Point Qualification for each Phase.

Finally, individuals will be in the program “waiting to join” the Pair Tree based on date and time when they actually share their First Generation Equity Point Qualification for Phase One first then Phase Two then Phase Three.

All ties are broken by date and time when they actually share their First Generation Equity Point Qualification in any Phase.

During prelaunch, there will be a bitcoin address to pay for the eBook Advertising overhead and one bitcoin address that will be a common holding address for all First Generation Equity Points representing your equity share for EACH Phase.  Instead of you circulating funds directly to the customer who invited you to the program, which is the normal after prelaunch,  all points will be circulated according to the Equity Distribution Formula at the end of the prelaunch, then the total bitcoins will be divided by total points to establish the average bitcoin value during prelaunch.  Then the average bitcoin will be multiplied by your equity points you hold at the end of prelaunch, and the bitcoin will be moved from the common bitcoin address to your personal bitcoin address.  Bitcoin fees will be deducted for the transactions but are very low.

The common holding bitcoin address for each phase is always available for anyone to inspect during prelaunch, and funds will not be used from these addresses for anything but holding and finally distributing the average bitcoins per point after prelaunch.  These holding addresses are to allow for normalization of the bitcoin value that will constantly change during prelaunch.  Warning, if  you do not have a bitcoin address to pay, your wallet points will break to the PPEC so register a wallet!

After prelaunch you will have your own bitcoin wallet that you must manage for your account.  You can fund and withdraw anytime but it is YOUR responsibility to have enough bitcoin to circulate to the next level of equity point qualification.  The program will tell you which bitcoin addresses to circulate funds to and you must personally and directly circulate the funds in order to receive qualification.

NOTE — The bitcoin address you sign up with is permanently your ID in our system.  You will be able to change the bitcoin payout address anytime.  You will use this initial bitcoin address in all phases for identification.  You can circulate your qualifications from ANY bitcoin address at any time.

NOTE — You will be able to create your own bitcoin address during  pre prelaunch and start referring and connecting your contacts WITHOUT having your referral bitcoin address using your PPEC Mall ID. If you are in a special program, you may be able to locate your username for proper connection in the PPEC Mall but you must update all your information.  Start early if you want the chance to get higher in the pair tree by date and time and performance.  If you do not have a sponsor we will connect you to the next available Root position after performance.

At the end of prelaunch, First Generation Equity Point Qualification will be circulated to who invited YOU.  The software will auto step up positions during prelaunch.  There are more details in the FAQ under the PPEC Structure post.

Warning, EVERYONE will be considered qualified to receive just before ending prelaunch.  This means there will be NO missed Secondary Equity Points, PROVIDED you have entered the Pair Tree.  Just because you receive from your children in the program, does not mean you are in the Pair Tree.  You MUST load your First Generation Equity Point Qualification to the common holding address to step up. There is NO auto step up from points you receive during prelaunch UNLESS you have loaded the common holding bitcoin address.  If you have NOT shared to the common holding bitcoin address during prelaunch, you can ONLY receive up to three personal equity qualifications with the additional breaking to the PPEC.  If you do not share to the common holding address, you cannot receive any other Primary or Secondary which will break to the PPEC.  If we have NO bitcoin address on file before the end of prelaunch, the Equity Points will break to the PPEC.

WARNING – SPONSORS with children they have invited, who have not shared to the prelaunch holding address, which have their own descendants, beware.  This is particularly true of special program individuals connected in our mall database with a substantial organization.  You could lose SUBSTANTIAL Equity Points if your child has even ONE person or descendants they invited in your program capable of doing work in the PPEC, and they take action.  All the Primary’s for your child will be lost for them to step up and they will not be qualified out of prelaunch or even in the Pair Tree.  As example, even if your child’s grandchildren in your program did NOTHING in your program, and they became the number one producer in prelaunch in the PPEC, not only will your child lose but you could lose Pair Tree Equity Points on potentially half of the company stepping up through seven floors.  These customers will NOT be compressed out of the PPEC or the PPEC Mall after prelaunch but they will need to verify their email and step up as needed to regain further Secondary Equity Points on their child.  The moral of the story, if you have children with descendants, make sure they ALL qualify to the holding address in prelaunch by purchasing their eBooks.

The first Third Phase eBook will have your link from an Ad to the first project with a link coded to your mall.   The goal will be the sale of 30% shares of the PPEC Management Company with those purchasing the eBook receiving an in depth report on the public offering on the REG A-PLUS platform.  The PPEC software sends $100 of the eBook cost to the PPEC Management Company for creating projects for the PPEC circulation system.   The PPEC Management Company will use these fund received from the PPEC in prelaunch, which will be used mainly to set up the SEC offering.  After prelaunch, positioning in the Third Phase will be according to the same rules as the first two phases.  The PPEC Management Company will maintain any unsold stock.

PPEC contacts will have a chance to participate in the Phase Three pair tree and create Equity Points, which will be worth bitcoin from their work advertising the eBook, hopefully for the purchase of the public stock should they choose to do so.

During each new Phase Three project (after the first one) there will be a new eBook describing the project and a new Pair Tree with a First Generation Equity Point Qualification.  However, all placement qualification will vary based on the Board of Directors of the Management Company.  As example, maybe the placement will happen based on date and time of initial first Generation Qualification circulation in Phase One.

NOTE — Individuals will join by who invited whom.  If there is no designated invitee, the PPEC will become the invitee and place them under the PPEC Root position according to the Equity Distribution Formula.   Be advised, placement will still depend on when you circulate and performance, not who sponsored  you.  When we start the free sign up period, we cannot control who invites whom but any question will be resolved by original date of sign up.

Strategy During Prelaunch

The absolute best strategy will be to invite and train as many personal individuals as possible to purchase the eBooks for each phase and teach them to invite their personal contacts to do the same.   Purchase the eBooks for at least the first two phases and circulate your First Generation Equity Point Qualification.  From now to prelaunch, you should make sure everyone gets a bitcoin wallet and funds it with enough to buy their advertising in the eBooks immediately.  It can take up to a week to get funds into bitcoin.

Remember, during prelaunch, everyone is positioned based on performance.  You gain no advantage for enrolling with someone for positioning in the Pair Tree.  Those you invite will be placed according to THEIR performance and not sponsorship.  In fact you can enroll with no sponsor at all and be placed according to performance even before determining your sponsor during prelaunch.  If you still have no sponsor at the end of prelaunch, any sponsor Equity Points will break to the PPEC.

After prelaunch, positioning will be prioritized by date and time circulating First Generation Equity Point Qualification and placed under the first qualified ancestor of the invitee starting at the Parent.

Please understand, because of the way positioning is based on performance, circulating soon and inviting others is significant. You do NOT want more than one position in the PPEC because of the serious financial consequences.  As example, if you invite 6 Children and 12 Grandchildren with all Grandchildren invited by one Child, you will receive 3 points and have good positioning.  If you had one position with 3 Children and another one with 3 Children and the same Grandchildren, you would have one point for the one inviting the Grandchildren and no points for the other.  In addition, you will have paid for two positions and you will only receive a percentage of Secondary circulation to each position. Do not try to figure out a way to defeat the system.  Just join who invited you first and work harder than anyone else and you should have one of the top positions of the PPEC in Phase One.  Keep in mind, in the future, those in the prelaunch who circulate their Equity Points will ALWAYS have a chance to gain benefit for positioning in Phase Three Projects.