What type of projects in Phase Three will the company participate in?

The first offering will be 30% of the company (PPEC Management Company) with everyone purchasing the eBook having an in depth report on our REG A-PLUS public offering.  Individual purchasing the eBook agree their email will be provided to the brokerage for notification.

Basically, the company will be looking for ANY highly profitable (legal) projects that can be publicly traded.  We hope these projects will become very successful large companies.  Check this link for the potential Second Project.  Warning this image is over 500K if you are on limited bandwidth.

A project can be discovered by anyone in the program and presented to the company.  The project will be evaluated and if accepted will be presented to customers as a new project.  An eBook will be developed for the project containing all the necessary documentation such as prospectus, executive summary, finance, forward looking projections etc.  Additionally all legal documents and registrations will be completed prior to public offering.

All customers can have access to the eBook coded to them.  They privately present the eBook to their contacts.  Anyone receiving the eBook will have an in depth report on our early stage development; however, those participating in the Phase Three Project will have there email on file with the brokerage for notification when the offering opens.

All eBook management fees received in Phase Three projects will be available to the company immediately.  The eBook Purchase has nothing to do with stock issue but will be used to take the project company public and advertise for successful growth.  Stocks will be offered by the brokerage and the Phase Three participants will be notified immediately on public offering via email.

As example, suppose we decide to purchase a hospital in South America.  The project will require $200,000,000.   We set aside 100,000,000 shares and sell 30% through the REG A-PLUS offering to the public with the readers of the eBook having an in depth report on our early stage development.  Therefore the company will have issued 30,000,000 shares and still holds 70,000,000.  Suppose on the sale of the shares we receive $30,000,000 less any overhead spent for the development of the hospital. Suppose $20,000,000 has been spent on land, titles and foundation work leaving $10,000,000 in the bank. Finally the company releases another 20,000,000 shares with a media blitz.  The original stockholders would own 30%, the new stock holders would have 20% and the company would still have 50% ownership to hopefully manage the project to success.

In the above example, if you purchased the public Third Phase eBook, you would have an in depth report on the early stage of the company to decide if you want to purchase some of the 30% stocks and then later be well informed to purchase some of the additional 20% stocks, all sold publicly.  Of course, you have the potential of creating new Equity Points for the new Phase Three project based on new performance requirements, which could help you purchase some of the new stock offering.

Keep in mind, when a project goes public, it totally breaks away from the PPEC Management Company and only individuals participating in that stock will keep interest in the new company.  The PPEC for that project will terminate when the initial public stocks in the offer are sold.

However, all the eBooks in circulation due to advertising, from the work of the PPEC, will always be available to point to the new public company for anyone to participate in the stock.