Simple Approach

My sales force only needs the BASIC information to proceed and they will be very good at what they do.  What steps should I take?

  1. Get an Uphold account and establish your bitcoin address.
    1. Try Circle, if you cannot get Uphold
    2. Try this list, if you cannot get Circle
    3. Ask someone where to get bitcoin, if the above fails you
    4. NEVER forget your bitcoin key — Password to your account
  2. Fund Uphold or your bitcoin with $35, $350 or $500. It takes 3-10 days.
    1. There is a MAJOR benefit for funding $500
    2. Transfer your funds to your bitcoin address if not done previously
  3. Join the mall ASAP. Timing is IMPORTANT!
    1. You MUST have a valid email address – no duplicates
    2. Update your profile in the PPEC Mall because we use it to validate membership.
    3. Make sure your mall password is very good and do not share it with anyone.
  4. Get your Telegram Account so you can be notified
    1. Sign up for PPEC News via Telegram
  5. Purchase the eBook advertising. – Choose one.
    1. eBook1 $30 in bitcoin
    2. eBook1 and eBook2 $330 in bitcoin
    3. All Three eBooks $470 in Bitcoin
    4. There is a MAJOR benefit with all three eBooks
    5. The eBooks are on back order during prelaunch
  6. Get your Mall referral link.  This link will be available soon via the eBook.
    1. Send your link to everyone
    2. Tell them to follow the above steps
  7. Want a little more information and some exciting details?  Click Here!
  8. Now go learn what you need to know about the whole system.
    1. The mall will be in demo mode and stuff will come and go in prelaunch
    2. You will be able to play with stuff in the mall but not buy anything but eBooks

Click HERE, if you want extra bitcoin. Buy $100 from coinbase and earn $10 more in bitcoin.