Why Join the Mall


Why should you take your products to the PPEC Mall?

  • You control the profit margin and we do the marketing direct retail with no MLM laws to worry about. (You can fix the advertised Retail so margins are not broken with other vendors.)
  • Your product is not tied to a compensation plan.
  • No supply problems. If you cannot manufacture, we temporarily do not list you in the mall.
  • Our members drive traffic to the mall to try to get them to order the eBooks and you get the advantage of the mass marketing, exposing your products. You do not need to advertise.
  • If you like MLM, you can create your own downline by selling the eBook advertising with YOUR ad to your product in the mall. And, you have no need for lawyers, states to comply with and banking issues since your product is NOT MLM.

Why is the PPEC Mall traffic better than other eCommerce malls?

  • Our members log in many times a day to access their PPEC back office


Why would customers shop in our mall?

  • Coupons work just like cash and are backed by real value. (bitcoin)
  • You can receive coupons for referring other customers to the mall.
  • You can receive Loyalty Coupons from special Loyalty Products.
  • ANY product or service can take your coupons for incentive reduction in their price.
  • We leverage the best price in the market from vendors. (You get best price after coupons.)
  • No outside advertising. Only Loyalty Products will be displayed.
  • No capture of your personal data which is sold or provided to other companies.
  • You deal direct with the product provider for support.